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Please Donate to the Kettering Fighting Fund

by Suzanna on 28 April, 2017

Everyone is being bombarded by emails asking for donations. We too need your help!

It may be annoying and frustrating at times to receive post and emails asking for donations, however it emphasizes how important this general elections is and how hard the campaigns have to be.  Kettering needs to raise more funds to get our campaign fully out to the people to give them confidence that they have another option in Suzanna Austin standing for the people of Kettering.

UKIP are not standing a candidate in Kettering after making a pact with Phillip Hollobone MP.  This means there is a clear choice between Lib Dem candidate Suzanna Austin who is standing up for the people of Kettering, Rothwell, Desborough and Burton Latimer and the Tory’s   hard stance on Brexit.

Please help in any way you can, donate your time to make some calls, leaflet dropping, helping with events, finding board locations to post our message boards including your front garden.

AND YES OF COURSE WE NEED MONEY Source: Donate Here | Kettering Liberal Democrats

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